Western Massachusetts Electric (WMECO)

Western Massachusetts Electric Lighting Rebates

The Western Massachusetts Electric (WMECO) retrofit program is designed to help  its commercial and industrial customers in replacing aging, inefficient lighting equipment with energy efficient lighting technologies.

Rebate Details

The amount of rebate will be based on the type and number of units installed and will be paid directly to you by WMECo. The installation must be done by a qualified and licensed contractor.

LED incentive eligibility requires the fixture be selected from any of the following:

After the installation, WMECo will conduct an inspection to determine the rebate amount you receive.


  • Installation in a commercial, industrial, institutional, education or municipal building must be within WMECO’s service territory
  • Equipment should must be new—refurbished equipment is not covered
  • This incentive program covers applications created on or after January 1, 2012
  • Details of this Program, including incentive levels, are subject to change without notice

Application Process

  1. Contact your program administrator before purchasing and installing the lighting equipment.
  2. Check out the terms and conditions to get more information on the details of the incentive program.
  3.  Submit a completed application form with an authorized signature.
  4. A pre-approval incentive letter will be issued if your project is approved.
  5. Purchase and install the qualifying equipment within twelve (12) months of the Program Administrator (PA) pre-approval.
  6. Return the required information to your PA within 30 days of the installation.
  7.  At the post-installation verification, the customer is required to sign the post-installation customer acknowledgement section of the original application.
  8. Incentive payments to the customer are made within forty-five (45) days.

Contact Information

Western Massachusetts Electric Company
P.O. Box 2010
West Springfield, MA 01090-2010

(800) 835-2707

Resources and Links

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