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Rocky Mountain Power Lighting Rebates

Serving Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming, Rocky Mountain Power  knows what it takes to help your business reduce your energy consumption. They offer wattsmart energy efficiency programs and services for new construction and retrofit projects to qualifying commercial, industrial and irrigation customers.

Rebate Details

Depending on the state served, the program has a number of different options.  One program covers small businesses in which its existing commercial facilities span less than 20,000 square feet. Existing industrial facilities and commercial facilities larger than 20,000 square feet can get expert technical services and incentives. For customers with one megawatt or more of connected load, get curtailment incentives to reduce energy use when necessary to help keep power flowing and prices low.  The following summarizes some of the pre-calculated lighting rebates for Rocky Mountain Power.

  • Rocky Mountain Power T8 Fluorescent Rebates: vary from $0.25 per lamp for just a lamp change to over $20 per lamp when CEE qualified lamps and ballasts are used in conjunction with delamping.
  • Rocky Mountain Power T5 Fluorescent Rebates: vary from $0.25 per lamp for just a lamp change that does not affect the ballast to $20.00 per lamp for T8 high bay and continuous operation applications.  It’s important to note that for both T8 and T5HO high bays, the rebates are per lamp, so a 4 lamp fixture will earn $80.00 and a 6 lamp fixture will earn $120.00
  • Rocky Mountain Power LED Rebates: vary from $10.00 per lamp for integral screw in lamps and downlights to $100.00 per fixture for outdoor LED area lights, LED parking garage fixtures or LED high bay fixtures.

Additional project funding is available through the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program, or REAP, which provides grants totaling up to 25% of a project’s costs, and loan guarantees for up to 75% of a project’s costs. Eligible projects cover a range of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. REAP applicants must be a rural business or an agricultural producer as defined by the program.


  • To qualify, one must be a commercial customer of Rocky Mountain Power with an active lighting account.
  • All projects should satisfy the recommended energy efficiency standards for approval.
  • Only pre-approved applications will be funded.

Application Process

  1. To get more information, or an application form for the project, complete the online query form.
  2. Enter the state in which you are served, and then choose the options that pertain to your business with complete contact information.
  3. A Rocky Mountain representative will contact you and work with you to define your project parameters.
  4. Approval for all projects will be completed within 6 to 8 weeks.
  5. Retain all itemized invoices with the project costs to submit, once the project has been completed.

Contact Information

Customer Service
Rocky Mountain Power
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

(800) 222-4335

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