Energizing Indiana Lighting Rebates

Energizing Indiana’s Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Prescriptive Rebate Program is specifically designed to help you achieve long-term, cost-effective energy savings. The prescriptive rebate structure provides your business or organization with rebates based on the installation of energy efficiency equipment and system improvements. The program will lower energy consumption and will help you decrease your overall energy costs. It also encourage vendors and contractors to actively promote and install energy efficient technologies for Indiana customers, making it easy for you to find a qualified contractor.

Rebate Details

Customers on a non-residential rate with a peak demand of in excess of 10 kW are eligible for the rebate. The lighting fixtures and lamps eligible for the rebate must operate at a minimum of 1500 hours annually. You can download a  rebate chart with the awards per fixture.

The incentives are based on the amount of electrical energy your business saves through its energy efficiency improvements. The incentive is calculated based upon the annual kWh savings. Incentives are a one-time payment based on $0.05/kWh.


  • Customer must be classified as and served under a commercial or industrial rate
  • All installed measures must be new. (Refurbished measures will not be accepted)
  • The customer must have an active account with participating utility in the state of Indiana
  • The application must be received within 60 days of project completion
  • Only one account per application is accepted. A maximum of $20,000 in rebate dollars per account/premise number for each program year is allowed

Application Process

  1. Download the application form.
  2. Complete all the sections on the form.
  3. Include invoice with make/model, quantity and unit cost.
  4. Include W-9 form.
  5. Submit online, Mail, Fax or Email.
  6. An approved rebate will be processed and mailed within 45 days of the application’s receipt.

Contact Information

Energizing Indiana Rebate Program
P.O. Box 78398
Indianapolis, IN 46278

(888) 446-7750

Resources and Links

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