Baltimore Gas & Electric Lighting Rebates

Baltimore Gas & Electric Lighting Rebates

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) offers incentives through its Smart Energy Savers Program to help commercial, institution and non-profit electric service customers offset the upfront costs for energy-efficient improvements.

Rebate Details

Through BGE’s Smart Energy Savers Program®, you can take advantage of energy and cost-saving solutions for projects including:

  • Retrofits of inefficient equipment
  • New construction
  • Major renovation and remodeling
  • New equipment purchases
  • End-of-life equipment replacements
LED replacement lamps must be listed on the Design Lights Consortium or the ENERGY STAR Qualified Products list.

Participation in the program is determined by the customer’s rate schedule, which is included on your monthly bill.  The rate determines which programs your business is eligible to participate in. A special program is available for small businesses and includes an on-site analysis of your energy use.

Large commercial and industrial customers may be eligible for financial incentives that cover up to 50% of the total cost for retrofit projects and up to 75% of the incremental costs for new equipment.  Both prescriptive measures (pre-defined efficiency measures with pre-determined incentives) and custom retrofit (that require more complex engineering analysis) programs are available.


  • Incentives are available to non-residential, commercial, industrial, government, institutional and non-profit electric service customers within the BGE service territory that fall under rate schedules G, GS, GL, P or T
  •  All equipment must be new—used or rebuilt equipment is not eligible for incentives
  • Existing equipment must be removed and not reinstalled within the BGE service territory
  • Total incentives are limited to $1,000,000 per Federal Tax ID per calendar year
  • Details of the program, including incentive levels and technical requirements, are subject to change without prior notice

Application Process

  1. Verify that your project meets the eligibility requirements specified on the individual application forms. If total incentives are less than $5,000, then pre-approval is NOT required.
  2. Download and complete the appropriate application. Completed application packages may be submitted by US mail, fax or email.
  3. Include an IRS Form W-9 for projects that must be pre-approved.
  4. BGE will notify the applicant in writing when the review is complete and funds have been reserved.
  5. Upon project completion, please review your pre-approved application and note any changes to the project that occurred during installation and BGE will provide invoices for all energy efficiency measures.

Contact Information

BGE Smart Business Energy Savers Program
c/o ICF International
7125 Thomas Edison Drive, Suite 100
Columbia, MD 21046

(877) 685-7377

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