Cedar Falls Utilities

Cedar Falls Utilities Lighting Rebates

Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU) is offering cash incentives for commercial installation of energy-saving equipment. The energy efficient lighting equipment includes fluorescent, T8, T5, LED and high bay lighting fixtures. Rebate Details Rebate amounts, energy efficiency requirements, and property-type restrictions vary with the project type. Program-specific requirements are stated on the application form and incorporated by […]

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PPL Lighting Rebates

PPL Electric Utilities Lighting Rebates

Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL or PP&L) offer robust rebates for customers interested in replacing older light fixtures with newer, more energy efficient options. Rebate Details Standard rebates are available for many measures including switching HID fixtures to fluorescent high bays and fluorescent troffer fixtures retrofit kits. Eligibility E-power programs are available to PPL Electric […]

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EnergyUnited Lighting Rebates

EnergyUnited will provide rebates for replacement of old bulbs with new energy efficient ones and this will help save your electricity bill. Commercial and industrial members who upgrade their light bulbs to more energy-efficient ones that meet EnergyUnited’s standards will be eligible for “per-unit” rebates. The rebate is based on how many watts – or […]

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Missouri River Energy Services

Missouri River Energy Services Lighting Rebates

Conservation and energy efficiency are the most environmentally friendly resources and, often, they are the least expensive. That’s why Missouri River Energy (MRES) offers the Bright Energy Solutions® program, which provides incentives to those who install qualified new energy-saving technologies or retrofit existing equipment in their homes or businesses. Missouri River Energy Services  calls upon its commercial customers to apply […]

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OGE Energy Corp

OG&E Electric Services Lighting Rebates

Funding has just been approved for OGE Energy Corp’s 2013 Commercial Lighting program. New applications will be accepted online soon. In the meantime, check out the 2012 brochure for details as the program requirements are likely to be similar.  Since lighting is one of the easiest areas to make a significant change in your expenses, energy-efficient […]

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Alliant Energy

Alliant Energy Lighting Rebates

Serving Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin, Alliant Energy offers a commercial lighting rebate program for its customers. All clients are requested to apply for the cash incentives to reduce the costs associated with lighting upgrade projects. Retrofit your business lighting fixtures with the recommended energy efficient fixtures to save not only your energy consumption but also […]

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RG&E and NYSEG Lighting Rebates

RG&E and NYSEG have introduced a commercial rebate program aimed at promoting energy efficient lighting fixtures. Two programs are available, one focused on the needs of business customers with demand of less than 100 kilowatts  and a custom program for larger companies with higher energy usage. Rebate Details Eligible businesses will receive free energy assessments […]

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Burlington Electric Department

Burlington Electric Department Lighting Rebates

Burlington Electric Department is now offering a lighting rebate program aimed at reducing the cost of implementing energy efficient lighting fixtures in all qualified nonresidential customers. The rebates are now available for application and customers are encouraged to submit applications. Upgrade your inefficient lighting fixtures or install new, recommended equipment to receive the cash incentives. […]

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American Electric Power Company Inc.

American Electric Power Company Lighting Rebates

According to the US Energy Department, T12 lighting bulbs should be phased out and replaced with T8 or T5 lighting fixtures. These are energy saving and therefore American Electric Power Company of Ohio  (AEPOhio) has introduced a commercial lighting rebate program for all the business customers to exist in this effort. Application to this year’s […]

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SCE&G Commercial

SCE&G Commercial Lighting Rebates

Lighting costs alone can account for 30-60% of the electricity bill for many businesses. SCE&G Commercial offers a lighting rebates program for all commercial customers who address those costs by replacing and upgrading their current equipment. The cash incentives are available to help make your lighting projects more cost-effective and thus improve your business productivity. […]

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